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Functioning of the Society

The Society for Late Antiquity is concerned with the study of the different aspects of Late Antiquity in France and surrounding countries. The Society is based in Paris, and consists of honorary members, members and students members. The Society is administered by a Conseil d’Administration (Council) which consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve members elected for six years by the Annual General Meeting and whith a third of members retiring each two years. The Conseil chooses a Bureau (Executice Committee) from among its members, consisting of the President, one or more Vice-Presidents, the Secretary and the Treasurer who may co-opt other members. Subscription rates are determined annually by the Council, save for honorary members who do not pay any subscription. There is an Annual General Meeting, where paid-up members may vote. The Society has a range of publications: an annual Bulletin sent to all members, the journal Antiquité Tardive/Late Antiquity (20% reduction for paid-up members) and the Bibliothèque de l’Antiquité Tardive, available to members at special rates.

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